ABC15 puts the focus on innovation with a new workspace

ABC15 Innovation Room

The best ideas can come at the strangest of times.  The most creative ideas can be hard to find when staring at a computer.

That’s the idea behind ABC15’s new Innovation Room.  KNXV, the Scripps ABC Affiliate in Phoenix, just celebrated the opening of the room.

popcorn“ABC15’s Innovation Room is a place to think outside the box in a setting that’s a bit less formal than our standard conference rooms,” said Colleen Reid, executive assistant at KNXV. “You’ll find couches, TVs, a foosball table and even a popcorn machine.” 

It is available for meetings and quick brainstorm sessions to help get those creative juices flowing. Employees who want to use the room need to be reserved in advance on the WorkLife conference room scheduler. At other times the room is kept locked.

JacksonABC15 also has a Mascot for the Innovation Room; which is a coyote. 

It held a contest for the employees to name it and more than 60 names were suggested but they could only pick one as the winner.

The coyote’s name is JACKSON and believe it or not, they actually had multiple nominations for the Jackson name.