Grant to help families in emergency in Wichita Falls

Interfaith Ministries

Would you know where to turn for help in the event of a family financial crisis or natural disaster?

Deanna Watson, editor of the Times Record News wants to make sure the families of Wichita Falls do know.

Watson is serving her last term as a board member of Interfaith Ministries of Wichita Falls, Inc. She has served the six year maximum on the board and will rotate into a different volunteer position.  She has volunteered in the pantry, the intact office, and at public events.

Interfaith Ministries of Wichita Falls, Inc. responds to families in need through advocacy and coordination of community resources.  Like other groups, it wants to make sure people know about it and how to get ahold of it easily.

Volunteer Grant“Interfaith Ministries, Inc. is an emergency center for families who struggle financially because of medical emergencies, loss of employment, car repair or other unexpected expenses,” said Watson. “Interfaith provides financial assistance with rent, utility bills, deposits, prescriptions, and a food pantry is available for food, cleaning products and hygiene items.”

Watson was approved for a volunteer grant from the Scripps Howard Foundation in the fourth quarter of 2012 to help Interfaith Ministries buy promotional materials to hand out to families at its annual ‘Wicked Weather Weekend’ event coming up April 12-13, 2013.  It is the anniversary of a deadly 1979 tornado in Wichita Falls.

“Because IMI was created after the 1979 tornado, as a way to respond to such a catastrophic event, the organization has come up with a unique and clever way to ‘celebrate’ our reputation for bad weather,” said Watson.

The event features booths, activities, live music and educational programs.

Wicked Weather Weekend

The volunteer grant will pay for materials that the organization will hand out with information for those who may need its services; two items – a whistle key light, ideal for those nights without electricity and a lanyard that will hold information about IMI as well as household and car keys.

“We strongly feel these items could be handy when an emergency is upon them,” said Watson.

The Scripps Howard Foundation approved 46 grants for a total of $45,449.30 to organizations where Scripps employees volunteer in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The deadline to apply for a first quarter 2013 grant is March 31, 2013.  Learn more about how to apply here.